Change for the better!

Even highly effective professionals, teams and organisations benefit from the increased capability that executive business coaching and mentoring brings.

I help to unlock and develop potential.

Focus enables success...

Together, we will concentrate on what matters, focusing on what will really make a difference to you and your organisation.

I will help you identify the challenges that are holding you back, and take action to resolve them.

The right solutions for you!

With you, I will focus on finding the most appropriate solutions to the issues you face.

Helping you realise your potential

Carol Whitaker

I work with people to help them realise their potential.

I’m passionate about the value of coaching - how it can transform the lives of my clients and the outcomes of the organisations I work with for the better.

I provide Executive Coaching to individuals and teams, and deliver Coaching Supervision to advance the professional development of coaching.

Working with you, I will focus on finding the most appropriate solutions to the issues you face. Solutions that are right for you.

  • "I found Carol’s coaching invaluable. It helped me focus on my strengths and what I wanted to do in driving the business forward. Above all, it gave me time to think. Carol knew what to say and when to say it. Coaching is an art – not everyone can do it, let alone do it well and, for me, Carol was a great artist!"

    Director of Risk Advisory Service, BDO Stoy Hayward

  • “It has given me a real insight... and the confidence to speak up and get involved, knowing that this is what people want from me. The discussion about my team... helped me to frame my thinking about the future. Carol helped me realise what needed to be done.”

    Company Secretary and General Council, SEGRO

  • “My ongoing mentoring relationship with Carol has been and still is of great value, as I find it easy to express my concerns and seek advice from her on every aspect of my business and any major decision I need to make. She challenges me to think of things in a different way and gives me a different and much needed perspective. Carol would definitely be of great added value to entrepreneurs and professionals in any field, as she brings a wealth of experience and an understanding of business challenges in general.”

    Entrepreneur, Remark Lebanon

  • "Carol helped me focus on what I really wanted and broke through the barriers which were holding me back. She’s innovative, inspirational and her style provided me with room for thought and reflection."

    Senior Civil Servant, Westminster

  • “Carol coached me on and off for about two years, and I learnt a tremendous amount from her. What I found particularly useful was the ability to hold me to account, letting me come up with my own solutions and the practical nature of her advice. She can also do the creative, visioning side of coaching, but it was the practical things that I've found myself putting into practice year after year. I'd definitely recommend Carol as a coach for those of you trying to build new businesses and visions in high pressure environments.”

    Senior Partner, PA Consulting

  • “I really enjoyed the sessions and found Carol challenging but supportive. Carol certainly enabled me to consider different options and encouraged me to have confidence in my own abilities.”

    Vice-President, Chartis Insurance

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  • CIPD, Association for Coaching, EMCC coaching award